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Tra richiamo alla tradizione e presenza al suo tempo : le radici del pensiero di Jeanne Hersch

2019 - Il Poligrafo

P. 181-194

  • Born from two Jewish intellectuals fled in Switzerland, Jeanne Hersch lived in the time of totalitarianism and Jew persecution. She challenged Nazi laws in order to attend the Heidegger classes in Freiburg, continuing to define herself as a "presence of her time" rather than a real philosopher. From the concept of freedom, the actual core of the whole Hersch's thinking, through the concept of transcendence, the influence of laic Judaism blends in philosophy of the existence, taking original shapes: a particular theory of human doing lays between freedom and transcendence, meant as finite and incarnate participation in God's creation. Hence the interest for the practical problems affecting human beings (in primis the violation of human rights), but also the reassessment of any aspect of the human activity, of those "daily acts" – including work – which represent the realization – in real life – of a kind of "vocation to create", although not ex nihilo. [Publisher's text]

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Paradosso : rivista di filosofia : 1, 2019