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La storia più dolorosa e il libro più possente : Nietzsche e la Lebensform ebraica

2019 - Il Poligrafo

P. 105-116

  • The present essay intends to investigate Nietzsche's reflections with respect to Jewish thought. Indeed, there are still many prejudices regarding the relationship between Nietzsche's philosophy and the Jewish question. The article aims to argue that the "Jewish type" represents a form of life (Lebensform) in Nietzsche's thought, that means a symbolic figure signifying a specific system of moral values and a specific embodiment of the will to power. On the one hand Nietzsche recognizes in the figure of the Jewish priest the origin of "slave morality", on the other hand he sees in the Jewish spiritual power a great resource for the cultural future of Europe.
  • According to Nietzsche, the psychological and moral paradigm of the Jew is therefore at the same time the origin of Christian resentment and a precious resource to overcome contemporary décadence. By analysing the profound and complex relationship of Nietzsche's thought with Judaism, it is intended to refute any politically unilateral and forced interpretation of the philosopher. [Publisher's text]

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Paradosso : rivista di filosofia : 1, 2019