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Jacques Derrida, il marrano : tradire l'ebraismo per restargli fedele

2019 - Il Poligrafo

P. 39-49

  • The article investigates the complex question of the Jewish roots of Derrida's thought. A careful review of some important writings of the French philosopher, in the light of his reinterpretation of Levinas, shows that such roots can be found in the framework of Derrida's notion of ""marranisme"". According to it, one can remain faithful to the principle of inconditional hospitality, wich is the essence of Judaism, at the sole condition of betraying it with the laws of politics. Only by rejecting all Belonging, above all to the community of Jews, the Jewish instance of absolute responsability towards the Other will be safeguarded. [Publisher's text]"

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Paradosso : rivista di filosofia : 1, 2019