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La cultura scientifica a Milano dal primo Settecento sino a Maria Gaetana Agnesi

2016 - Franco Angeli

195-213 p.

  • In many Italian towns in the early eighteenth century, such as Bologna, Padua, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Modena and Livorno, there was a significant spread of the new science, which was often rooted in the life of the academies and universities. In Milan the situation was very different. The social and economic decadence caused by Spanish domination led to a state of backwardness, mainly in the natural and medical sciences. This does not mean, however, that Milan was lacking in high-level scientific activities, studies and circles. Certainly worth mentioning among them are the Jesuit College of Brera, the literary salon of Clelia Grillo Borromeo Arese, and the considerations and works by Bartolomeo Corte and Maria Gaetana Agnesi. [Publisher's Text].

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Rivista di storia della filosofia : LXXI, supplemento 4, 2014