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La conversione come evento assoluto

2021 - Franco Angeli

113-126 p.

  • In the essay, the philosophically crucial theme of conversion is used as a probe to investigate the question of the reversibility of time within the Old and New Testament. Today, an atmosphere that pushes people to convert coexists with a widespread feeling of the irrevocable irreversibility of time. This fact is paradoxical only at first sight. Precisely where the idea of a personal resurrection fades, a conception of time is affirmed that knows only one way: that of the entropic extinction of all existence. A crucial biblical motive goes against this intuition: the conversion of God. In fact, if God, who is the Absolute, is converted, then all the magnitudes that are relative to God, including time and death, can no longer be seen as irreversible. This suggests that the idea of conversion should no longer be developed starting from the idea of God, but, contrariwise, the question of God should be developed starting from a phenomenology of conversion. [Publisher's text].

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