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Persona : origine e modernità di un concetto

2021 - Franco Angeli

143-158 p.

  • This article deals with a genealogy of the concept of person, investigating the aspects most closely linked to philosophicalpolitical themes. The traced analysis deals with following the developments, the outcomes, the decisive waste points in the historicalconceptual dynamics of the notion of person, starting from the semantic origin of the word. The theoretical study is aimed at defining the modern framework, focusing on some authors of political thought such as Hobbes and Locke, who investigate the paradigms of modernity: the State and the individual. The article ends with a reflection on the organicist thought of Rousseau and on the theory of the person in Hegel, in the light of the ambivalent outcome of the French Revolution and the controversial relationship between the category of person and that of human rights. [Publisher's text].

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