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Artikel, L'eHealth degli altri : uno sguardo dal Sud del mondo, Franco Angeli
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L'eHealth degli altri : uno sguardo dal Sud del mondo
2019 - Franco Angeli

83-97 p.

  • The recent eHealth's development has not yet filled the heuristic gap between the North and the South of the world, though the Health itself is a benchmark of the persistence of deep pov-erty's areas even among the richest countries. By the way, it is the Developing countries which reshape the community care and turn upside down the relation between the Doctor and the Patient, by the ICT Revolution's lines.official papers by the international organizations dealing with the subject and focusing on specific case-studies would be the empirical instruments aiming at analyzing the Other Coun-tries' eHealth, thus linking Social Innovation at Health's policies, under an international point of view. [Publisher's text].

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Salute e società : XVIII, 2, 2019
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