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Artikel, Sviluppo sostenibile e innovazione sociale per la promozione della salute, Franco Angeli
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Sviluppo sostenibile e innovazione sociale per la promozione della salute
2019 - Franco Angeli

68-82 p.

  • It is extremely urgent to identify innovative paradigms that can interpret new health needs. This in order to establish the equity of care and so to reduce inequalities in health systems. In the complex social-health system the challenge of complexity is characterized by multiple factors, including the sustainability objectives proposed by the UN Agenda 2030. In this context, inequalities represent the first urgent phenomenon to be confronted with the result of perverse, adverse, and fatalistic policies such as decreased investments in health systems, that produce infant mortality, extreme poverty, and wide-spread diseases. This paper advocates the para-digm of sustainable development as an instrument that reduce inequalities and promote health innovation for the communities. It is time to redefine useful strategies to renew the welfare, recalibrate the health system to promote adequate sustainable health systems.
  • This effect conditions focus the attention on the need to reduce the differences by way of approaches that are too often antithetical: tradition vs. innovation. [Publisher's text].

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Salute e società : XVIII, 2, 2019
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