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Artikel, Le sfide dell'innovazione tra storia europea e sviluppo globale, Franco Angeli
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Le sfide dell'innovazione tra storia europea e sviluppo globale
2019 - Franco Angeli

15-29 p.

  • The dynamics of globalization are frequently cited as a root cause of environmental degradation. These arguments mirror those presented in the 1960s and 1970s that economic growth and environmental protection were incompatible. It was the emergence of ecological modernization ideas in Western Europe in the 1980s that helped undermine the argument regarding the antagonism between growth and environmentalism. antagonism is even stronger today. The question then is: is it possible to make market economic and growth coexist with the qualitative development of human society? The first section examines the problem of European identity. The second section discusses the globalization-environment interaction. The third section deals with the relationship between European culture, globalization and economic growth, trying to convert the logic of accumulation into the qualitative culture. [Publisher's text].

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Salute e società : XVIII, 2, 2019
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