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Respondent Centred Surveys : Stop, Listen and then Design

2021 - Sage Publications Ltd.

100 p.

  • Achieve your survey goals by empowering your survey respondents. Too often, surveys are designed for the analyst, rather than the respondent. This book challenges the status quo by putting respondents' needs at the heart of survey development. It encourages you to stop, listen, and then design to improve response rates and collect high quality data. Drawing on their experience at the UK Office for National Statistics, the authors: Show you how to design better surveys by combining social research and user experience best practice. Equip you with the tools to design inclusive and accessible surveys. Enable you to overcome practical research problems, including managing participant recruitment, and working to any budget. Provide links to helpful web material and further reading as part of the book's online resources. Promoting a new way to conceptualise and conduct survey design, this book expands your theoretical thinking and shows you, step-by-step, how to put it into practice. [Publisher's text].
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