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Make Your Own Cake Toppers

2022 - Pen and Sword

152 p.

  • Baking is booming! And Cake toppers are the perfect way to truly personalise a cake for any occassion. Whether baking your own or adding to a cheeky shop bought cake, Darren Allford's easy to follow steps are all you need to create your own cute, quirky mini masterpieces. You'll discover a variety of styles, some super easy and some more advanced, as well as working with different materials - fondant for a sweet toothed friendly treat or clay for a trusted keepsake. With a few tools, clear instructions and a dollop of patience, YOU can make these toppers and make them well. Is it your tiny superhero's birthday? Or Mother's Day? What about your daughter's wedding or your son's welcome home gift? Maybe you want a festive friend for the Christmas cake. You'll find that somebody squealing with joy at seeing themselves perched on top of a cake is incredibly rewarding. Darren is confident that after trying your hand at just a few of the projects in this book, you'll develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to r
  • ide your own creative rainbow and make anything you want. Roll up your sleeves... let's get making! [Publisher's text].
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