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Articolo, Simmel : un amore che trascende la vita, Franco Angeli
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Simmel : un amore che trascende la vita
2019 - Franco Angeli

71-82 p.

  • The philosophy of love is one of the most interesting registers that allows access to the entire system of thought conceived by Simmel. The «individual law» that he proposes in the moral field as opposed to the universalism of Kantian morality is indeed reflected in the writings Ueber die Liebe, especially in the Fragment über die Liebe (1911). In these works, love appears as the regulator of «unique relationships between unique individuals». Considering this, the meaning of universalistic love is investigated by comparing Simmel's work with Freud's Das Unbehagen in der Kultur and Anders Nygren's Eros and agape. [Publisher's text].

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Società degli individui : 64, 1, 2019
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