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Libro, I've fallen in love with a statue : beyond the Stendhal syndrome, Magherini, Graziella, Nicomp
I've fallen in love with a statue : beyond the Stendhal syndrome
2007 - Nicomp
ID: 2934554
ISBN: 9788887814668
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    What happens in the mind when someone fi nds themself before a work of art that engages them emotionally? Gra¬ziella Magherini, the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst whofirst described the Stendhal Syndrome, gives an answer inthis book, which is the continuation of the studies she began many years ago.The author explains that that vision, the encounter with thework of art, activates deeply submerged elements of ourpersonality: the Freudian unconscious, the repressed, thingsexperienced and then forgotten; but it also stirs to life moreprimitive, archaic emotional experiences never grasped bythe conscious Self. Art can make us feel things we have ne¬ver expressed, never known. Forging a precious, intimatebond with the artist, this moment can become one of self-illumination and a factor fostering personal growth.The critical analysis of a great many psychoanalytical stu¬dies over a century and beginning with Freud – whose vitalrelationship with Italian art is considered – along with theresults of the author’s own observations and research have guided her to the formulation of a new model of artistic fru¬ition; a model that reveals how, from the earliest times of life, “an inextricable tangle of emotions, returns from theunconscious, siren songs of beauty and cultural stimuli fo¬sters that singular and fascinating function of the mind thatengenders at once pleasure and understanding”.The final chapter, which complements and exemplifi es the model of artistic fruition, is devoted to Michelangelo’s David. Magherini’s consideration of “the most beautiful statue inthe world” draws upon an extensive survey taken at theGalleria dell’Accademia of Florence from 2004 to 2005 to collect the comments and behaviors of visitors. The liveli¬ness and diversity of their reactions – which the book seeksto present “recorded live”, as it were – in and of themselvesrather eloquently document the dynamics of interaction withart, whose theoretical framework forms a commentary. [Publisher's Text]

    188 p. : ill. (some col.)

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