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E-book, Listening to art : figural arts, literature and music, Givone, Sergio, 1944-, editor - Magherini, Graziella, editor, Nicomp
Listening to art : figural arts, literature and music
2014 - Nicomp
ID: 2934552
ISBN: 9788897142461
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    “Today art so powerfully dominates the field that in the recent past we have often had occasion to speak of “aesthetization of the world of life’” And this is how authors from various fields of expertise – philosophy, history, literature, neuropsychiatry, psychology and psychoanalysis – speak of listening to art. A particular form of communication arises between the artist and the person who experiences his or her work of art: this can lead to an intense exchange between deep unconscious levels, that of the artist and that of the observer. A range of visual, musical and verbal expressions also constitute an extraordinary instrument through which a person communicates with his or her own unconscious at its deepest levels. “Humanistic learning and scientific knowledge, worlds divided by methodology and tools of investigation, have disclosed intense structural relations.” The arts look to the sciences, whose techniques open up new worlds. These may be perceived as threatening or they may become fellow voyagers. Links are recognized and references are made between the languages of art and those of science – psychoanalysis and biology, neurology and physics – connections between art and science looking forward to a new perspective on the unity of culture. [Publisher's Text]

    145 p.



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