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Libro, Voltaire metafisico, Benelli, Giuseppe, 1946-, Name
Voltaire metafisico
2000 - Name
ID: 2251931
ISBN: 8887298122
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    Voltaire as a metaphysician: is this intended as a provocation? Certainly not, rather, a different version of Voltaire who, quite apart form the many historiographic cliques, appreciated his own 'interpretational' character. In this book Voltaire is portrayed as a philosophe, not strictly in the 18th century, French, illuminist sense: he is revisited without prejudice and ample space is given to his own words. Mr Benelli is no radical and firmly believes he has come across a less 'Voltairian' Voltaire, to be more precise, a metaphysical Voltaire. If the reader is willing, he/she will see in Voltaire's reflections on 'God' a constant, obsessive, point of reference concerning Voltaire's own spiritual identity, that can not be reduced to mere existential motivations. From his early writings to his late works one can discern a degree of conceptual-metaphysical commitment concerning the issue of God in the theistic sense, which, like a thread, leads the reader through Voltaire's complex and occasionally disconcerting spiritual evolution. Yet, man's yearning to find a meaning in life and suffering is not forgotten; truly, the meaning of man and his vicissitudes lies in the way he ultimately views God. Giuseppe Benelli, (Pontremoli, 1946) (Pontremoli 1946) teaches Theoretical Philosophy and the Philosophy of Language at the Department of Educational Science at Genoa University, he is head of the "Istituto Storico della Resistenza e della Storia Contemporanea Apuana" and he is co-director of the "Archivio Storico per le Province Parmensi". He has written a number of books, namely: L'antrolpologia culturale nell'opera di Manfredo Giuliani (1976); Riflessioni su certezza e verità (1988); Arturo Salucci e il "crepuscolo del socialismo" (1991); Soggetto e fondamento: identità e solitudine (1995); Il salotto letterario di Annetta Malaspina della Bastia alla corte di Parma (1999); Lunezia. La regione emiliano-lunense (1999).

    221 p.

    • Includes bibliographical references.
    • First ed. 1983 publ. by Marzorati, now revised.
    • François Marie Arouet (1694-1778), known as Voltaire.
    • G. Benelli teaches at the University of Genoa.
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