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Rocce istoriate nella località Caneva e Berch (Comune di Cimbergo, Valcamonica)

2019 - Istituto italiano di preistoria e protostoria

P. 1-26

  • This paper presents the integral corpus of engraved rocks at Caneva and Berch (Municipality of Cimbergo, Adamello Regional Park, Valcamonica). Investigated from 2011 through several surveys leaded by Dipartimento Valcamonica e Lombardia (CCSP), the site is the only one with evidence of rock art located upstream on the eastern slope of middle Valle Camonica. It appears to be as a satellite area of the nearby Campanine, with similar chrono-tipological features (from the late Neolithic to the Christian Era). The 9 engraved surfaces recorded – with a total of 363 images (including 117 figuratives) – may refer to a more complex area, not all visible nowadays due to surfaces partially covered by walls or roads, uncultivated layers of land or discharges.
  • More than others, this area reveals an interesting concentration of high level figurative representations, as shown in archaic phase engravings (Late Neolithic- Calcolithic I) of the R7 with praying figures, cup-marks, ritual paddles and topographic and in protohistoric phase (early and late Iron Age) in the R1 and R2 with inscriptions, huts-granaries and anthropomorphic figures. The presence of very typical features and the good workmanship execution suggest the important role that the site may have played in the symbolic ritual context of Valcamonica rock art. [Publisher's text]

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Rivista di scienze preistoriche : LXIX, 2019