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L'erosione del paradigma della soggettività : tra individualità e singolarità : il Rameau di Diderot

2018 - Franco Angeli

138-153 p.

  • The article intends to analyse, through the contemporary remake of Rameau's nephew, the rebirth of the idea of an individual (individual 2.0), in the face of a critique of the weak points of current deconstructionism, which is inclined to subordinate the traditional idea of an individual. In this way, we lose the sense of unity, interiority, authenticity, in the face of a «unified action» that breaks the canons of singularity, causing the erosion of the paradigm of subjectivity. The author claims that the prevalence of «any singularity» that makes community without identity (Agamben), annihilates the symbolic meaning of individuality, to the detriment of bonds between individuals breaking the threshold of values on which we build the relationship between ethics and politics, existence and freedom. The author advocates the recovery of the foundation of unity as a motor of individual action not approved, but consonant with a form of life oriented to the idea of the pursuit of happiness. [Publishers' text].

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Società degli individui : 61, 1, 2018