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E-book, China and the European Union : Future Directions, Ding, Chun, editor - Beneyto, José María, editor - Song, Xinning, editor, CEU Ediciones
China and the European Union : Future Directions
2013 - CEU Ediciones
ID: 2629075
ISBN: 9788415382973
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    Any analysis of the current state of international affairs would require devoting a great deal of its efforts to the examination of the People’s Republic of China, its policies, its capabilities, its approaches, as well as its position regarding a wide range of issues. Not in vain, the People’s Republic of China is a rising power whose attitudes and policies will have a direct impact on the future development of the international system and the international relations within. Thus, the importance of the People’s Republic of China status as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, the impressive growth of both its GDP and its Defence Budget over the last few years and its relatively good performance through the global financial and economic crisis are all factors that might recommend to pay attention to the evolution of this country. [Publisher's text]

    218 p.

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