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Testimonianze : 518/519, 2/3, 2018

2018 - Testimonianze

P. 1-240

  • This is a special, entirely monographic and exclusive volume of Testimonianze (which is certainly not a literary review but is however inspired by humanist ideals). The contributions aim to frame our contemporary world by including its opacity, its contradictions, its complexity and its ambivalence. In this case a peculiar and unusual point of view is used: poetry. Reality is therefore seen trough the eyes of the poets. Poets of our present but also poets from our near or distant past are presented either through their portraits (made by an external narrator) or through their verses as first-person narrators. Near the medallions of great authors painted by scholars, and/or writers and critics, thematic itineraries are outlined too (among these some are edited by the young students of two Florentine high-schools). Examples of itineraries are: women poetry, visual poetry and international poetry from all different latitudes.
  • In addition, poets, who passed away recently, are recalled by writers and friends, who stood at their side and, who can consequently bring to life with a certain vividness the poet's experience, ambitions and human or cultural journey. [Publisher's text]

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