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  • Testimonianze is a secular magazine engaged in promoting Cross-cultural and Interreligious Dialogues. Its engagement regards meditations on Universal Themes such as Human Rights, Environmental Respect, Cooperation, Solidarity and Peace. Born in a Catholic Environment, today it encourages an effective dialogue between believers and non-believers. As a linker the magazine aims to achieve Common Goals, which could be potentially beneficial to Humanity. The magazine aligns itself and shows its continuity with the message of Ernesto Balducci. Since 1997 the magazine has inaugurated a new editorial line characterized by a modern-looking and lively graphic design with plenty of images. It follows a methodological layout, which allows us to pay even more attention to the contemporary Social Dynamics.
  • The contributions are divided into thematic sections each one dealing with Cultural Topics ranging from Philosophy and Spirituality ( Cultures and Religions ) to Political Themes ( Polis ), from International Issues ( Uomo Planetario ) and Considerations or Initiatives about Associationism and Experiences originating from Struggles and Civil Engagement ( Civil Society ) to the Evolution and Problems related to the World of Communication (Multimedia). Testimonianze has a long story and it underwent various seasons and historical periods. However it has always maintained a certain continuity: its Open-minded, Communicative and Democratic Ambition remained unaffected from the very beginning. In the 50s-60s it took part into the Transformation of the Church, in 1968 it followed the debates concerning the so-called "Dissent" and in the 70s, marked by the dialogue between believers and non-believers, it monitored discussions on sore subjects such as the "Class Choice".
  • From the 80s until the end of the XXth Century and the beginning of the following one the magazine did not forget to examine matters like the Disarmament, Peace, Human Rights, the North-South Divide, Interdependence and Globalisation. At the head of the magazine several Directors followed one after the other. Between 1958 and 1996 the directors were Ernesto Balducci, Danilo Zolo, Luciano Martini e Lodovico Grassi. The director is currently Severino Saccardi. [Publisher's text]