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Beyond the subscriptions : what are transformative agreements

2021 - EUM - Edizioni Università di Macerata

P. 47-53

  • This essay intends to provide the definition and an initial analysis of the transformative agreements, a modern type of deals between scientific publishers and one or more institutions (universities, library systems, etc.). These agreements, which are joining the traditional subscriptions to the scientific journals are not only as a recent phase of the contractual relationship between publishers and research world, but must be considered as one of the phenomena that most characterize the current period of the open access (OA). A phase in which open access records an increase in consensus (even among publishers) but also in criticism as it would be turning into one of the paid publishing options.[Publisher's text]

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JLIS : Italian Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science = Rivista italiana di biblioteconomia, archivistica e scienza dell'informazione : 12, 1, 2021