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Article, Hypotheses for a constitutional right to food, Franco Angeli
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Hypotheses for a constitutional right to food
2016 - Franco Angeli

307-318 p.

  • Food is a matter for the right to play in its complexity and multidimensionality. The legal significance, so far, mainly concerned the supply as subject of production and consumption. The right to food is, in fact, synonymous of Agricultural policy and of the agro-food economy regulation. The right to food law is a branch (autonomous) of agricultural law and, therefore, predominantly part of the private or commercial law. The right to food, in the last twenty years, developed along larger trajectories of those traditionally related to production inputs and consumption. The relationship between environmental protection, human rights and food security of health protection becomes relevant, as well as it begins the discusses about the naturehe right to food.
  • Feeding questions, particularly the problem of world hunger are currently an inescapable political issue: it concerns not only the economic factors of production and consumption, but it relates to the fundamentals of individual life and socio-political, that challenge the relationship between generations and the principle of accountability at all levels of the forms of political organization. [Publisher's Text].

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Economia agro-alimentare : XVIII, 3, 2016
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