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Artikel, Storie di ordinaria diversità e narrazioni mediali inclusive, Franco Angeli
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Storie di ordinaria diversità e narrazioni mediali inclusive
2020 - Franco Angeli

136-147 p.

  • Starting from the observation that the multiple forms of stigmatization and consequent discrimination, faced by people with disabilities, are part of a common and shared vision, the author focuses on the crucial importance of media narratives concerning them. In fact, the media coverage of disability is substantially unrealistic, pietistic or sensationalistic, evenwhen it deals with everyday aspects of existence, because it is fundamentally based on the inertial force of constructs that cancel the subjectivity in the logic of categorization and exclusion. The reflection therefore identifies some recurring problems in media representation, such as the use of stereotypes, social stigmatization, undifferentiated homologation, the use of inappropriate languages and the main rhetoric figures, in order to their overcoming. [Publisher's text].

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Salute e società : XIX, 2, 2020
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