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Artikel, Estetiche del corpo invalidato : il feticismo della disabilità nella società hi-tech e postspettacolare, Franco Angeli
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Estetiche del corpo invalidato : il feticismo della disabilità nella società hi-tech e postspettacolare
2020 - Franco Angeli

11-29 p.

  • The essay proposes to examine the process of fetishization of disability from the era of massproduction and society, based on a certain idea of entertainment, to the post-Fordist and post polarconcept. If in the Fordist view the human body in general and that of the disabled inparticular are gears that fit perfectly into the productive machine, the very evolution of society has incorporated the figure of the disabled into the staging, transforming it from a hidden minority to a mainstream phenomenon .
  • The accusation of reification, of commodification refers to an obsolete conception of goods and entertainment that the present system has partly overcome. The new subsumption of the disabled in the post-polar and neotot system occurs through the technicalization of the body (in a post-human key), combined with the total acceptance of neoliberal values that structure a communicative system dominated by globalbrands. The passage from the posthuman to the parahuman, discussed in the literature of the Disability Studies, is only a peaceful attempt at critical reflection and tactical resistance towards a probably irreversible macrotrend. [Publisher's text].

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