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Conceptualising, Analysing and Training in Adults in the Knowledge Society

2020 - Franco Angeli

143-169 p.

  • In this article, the authors argue that, within the framework of the current information society and the development of Industry 4.0, a revolution hinges on a stock of skills on which adults in general - and adult workers in particular - need to be trained in order to be prepared for the change and improve their employability. Within these skills, we find computational and critical thinking (CCT) as two key skills for workers which are not being developed in adult education. In this contribution, we propose a conceptualisation of both kinds of thinking, associating them with the Problem Solving in Technology Rich Environments variable of the OECD PIAAC survey. This allows us to propose a CCT training methodology for adults based on Vanek's (2017) work and to measure and analyse this relevant skill, making it easier to promote CCT teaching-learning in adult education courses. [Publisher's text].

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Sociologia del lavoro : 156, 1, 2020