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Libro, Mastering the dynamics of apparel innovation, Simoni, Christian, Firenze University Press
Mastering the dynamics of apparel innovation
2003 - Firenze University Press
ID: 2251114
ISBN: 8884531241

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    This book focuses on product innovation and new product development in the fiber-textile-apparel filière. Since fashion movements shape the filière and its companies' evolution, practices of forced obsolescence and the launch of a steady stream of apparel innovations are to be considered among the major competitive levers entrepreneurs and managers must strategically master, consistently with the other main variables that contribute to build and communicate the brand identity. Apparel innovation is the result of the combination of multiple, complementary sources of innovation, and is spread according to various diffusion paths. Considering the existence of multiple sources of innovation, the creation of innovation oriented, trust-based, long-term, intra-filière partnerships, when successfully managed, can improve the overall apparel innovation performance and the product innovation potential, of the individual partners as well. Apparel innovation networks are subsystems of the fiber-textile-apparel filière that consists of companies, individuals, and activities that are linked by collaborative and relatively stable relationships to process a set of complementary resources and capabilities in order to generate product innovation. Apparel design and development process, both within an individual company and across its borders, might generate better results when clearly understood and effectively managed. The use of information and communication technologies has the potential to favourably influence the apparel innovation performances and to contribute to shape the design and development process. [Publisher's Text]

    xix, 309 p. : ill.

    • Includes bibliographical references.
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