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Dati sui rapporti fra il bacino carpatico e l'Italia settentrionale sulla base dei pendagli comuni nell'età del Bronzo

2020 - Istituto italiano di preistoria e protostoria

P. 311-322

  • The connections between the Danube region and northern Italy are attested by various pendant types, such as the bone heart-shaped pendants, comb-shaped pendants, the Ráksi variety of disc-shaped pendants, funnel-shaped pendants, hourglass-shaped pendants, wheel-shaped pendants with chains, pendants of two concentric circles, crescent-shaped pendants and anthropomorphic pendants with birds. The pendants found in burials and hoards as well as in settlements represent an important corpus of finds in the archaeological material of both regions.
  • The position of the pendants in the burials reveals how they had been worn. Most pendants were deposited in the burials of the one-time elite. Important symbolic, magical and religious meanings were ascribed to these jewellery items. They are an important indication of the cultural and trade connections as well as of the interactions between these two regions during the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age. [Publisher's text]

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Rivista di scienze preistoriche : LXX, S1, 2020