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Artículo, Pensare oltre l'Uomo : per un'etica dell'ospitalità, Franco Angeli
ID: 4527156
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Pensare oltre l'Uomo : per un'etica dell'ospitalità
2019 - Franco Angeli

20-29 p.

  • The essay speaks about the deconstruction of western subjectivity, moving through the ideas of Giordano Bruno and his infinite universe, Martin Heidegger and Michel Foucault. Reconsidering our individuality could also start a new kind of ethic, not based on identity, or a new kind of community, based on hospitality. The idea of hospitality could also help us in solving migration problems and the crisis of our historical period. Finally, reconsidering individuality means bringing into question any border between inside and outside, and also our idea of nation, based on ownership and supremacy, in order to think a new kind of community, far from exclusion or violence. [Publisher's text].

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Società degli individui : 64, 1, 2019
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