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Il positivo fondato su se stesso : la presenza di Feuerbach nei Manoscritti marxiani del 1844

2018 - Franco Angeli

63-76 p.

  • Feuerbach's professions of communism are always subordinated to the belief that the critique of religion has a priority over the political struggle. This represents an important point of divergence between the two authors. The passage from atheism to humanism will remain a watchword for Marx, which does not correspond to adequate theoretical insights. The idea of alienation is not further developed but only applied to a different field, that of production. The imprint of Feuerbach, however, is visible in the Marxian conception of communism formulated in 1844 and for some decisive aspects remains in subsequent works. The reference to a lost human essence to be reconquered gives a special radicalism to disalienation. The theme of the positive based on itself as distinct and successive to the negation of negation returns in Marx's mature production with different formulations. [Publishers' text].

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