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A Cultural History of Education in the Age of Empire

2023 - Bloomsbury Publishing

264 p.

  • The period between 1800 and 1920 was pivotal in the global history of education and witnessed many of the key developments which still shape the aims, context and lived experience of education today. These developments included the spread of state-sponsored mass elementary education; the efforts of missionary societies and other voluntary movements; the resistance, agency and counter-initiatives developed by indigenous and other colonized peoples as well as the increasingly complex cross-border encounters and movements which characterized much educational activity by the end of this period.An essential resource for researchers, scholars, and students in history, literature, culture, and education, A Cultural History of Education in the Age of Empire presents essays that examine the following key themes of the period: church, religion and morality; knowledge, media and communications; children and childhood; family, community and sociability; learners and learning; teachers and teaching; literacies; and life h
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