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Little Altar Boy

2020 - Kasva Press

322 p.

  • Crime Fiction Lover's Top Five Books of 2020On a snowy Thursday night in Chicago, there is a knock on Detective Hank Purcell's door. Sister Mary Philomena has seen something terrible at Saint Fidelis Church thinsp;- thinsp;a violation of all she holds sacred.The next Monday, she is found murdered in the convent basement, next to a furnace stuffed with old papers and photographs.And Margaret, Hank's teenage daughter, has disappeared.Hank and his unconventional partner Marvin Bondarowicz try to force their way through a wall of ecclesiastical silence to find the killer, while their search for Margaret takes them from swank lakeside flats to drug dens to south-side basement blues clubs...and the snow keeps falling. [Publisher's text].
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