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The Rise and Fall of the Swedish Empire

2021 - Eken Press

76 p.

  • Between the years 1560 and 1721, the Swedes endeavored to turn the Baltic Sea into a Swedish lake. Generations of young men perished in a seemingly endandshy;less series of wars. How was it possible for an insignificant country on the outskirts of Europe, with small cities and a scant population, to deandshy;velop into a great power?Convinced that God was on their side, the army marched across the ice of a frozen sea to take the enemy by surprise. They challenged continental Europeandrsquo;s greatest generals on the battlefield. In the end, the enemyandrsquo;s superior numbers proved too great, and over one hundred years of empire building culminated in a long, desperate final battle. [Publisher's text].
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