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Representations of the social actor today : on policy of social distancing : a sociological analysis of the contemporary

2020 - Ledizioni

39 p.

  • The book in question considers, in the essays that constitute it, the conditions of the contemporary social actor in the era of social distancing policies. In the first essay, an essential characteristic of the social actor, the existing tension between the rigidity of roles assumed and freedom of action is analyzed in the light of the practical and theoretical experiments carried out in the Commedia dell'Arte, as renewed by George and Maurice Sand, Goffman's symbolic interactionism and Naranjo's psychology of ennaeatypes.
  • In the second essay, the studies carried out on the pseudo-social personality allow us to grasp an important aspect of the influence of social distancing policies on the contemporary social actor, the clear separation between survival strategies and communicative action, since in the era of the Covid 19 infection only the reduction of face-to-face relations seems to allow an adequate survival strategy. This implies the assumption of a prominent role by communication technologies, with psycho-social consequences that seem to go in the direction of a general increase of pseudo-sociality. [Testo dell'editore]