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Bab El-Gasus in context : rediscovering the Tomb of the priests of Amun

2021 - L'Erma di Bretschneider

592 p.

  • This book gathers a collection of studies by leading scholars on the Tomb of the Priests of Amun (Bab el-Gasus), where the burials of 153 individuals who lived under the 21st Dynasty have been unearthed, revealing the largest undisturbed tomb ever found in Egypt. This is the first publication to present a coherent vision of this find, with papers addressing a variety of topics including: the reorganization of the Theban necropolis under the 21st Dynasty; the sociological significance of the burials, as well as the funerary goods associated with them; the history of the collections that had been given away to foreign countries in 1893, including their reception and subsequent treatment in museums around the world and in Egypt; carpentry and decoration of anthropoid coffins, using non-invasive analysis of materials; and finally, diversity and meaning of coffin decoration.
  • The volume releases the papers first presented at the international conference held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the discovery of the Tomb. [Publisher's text]