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Quali sfide per la formazione di fronte alle nuove storie professionali

2020 - Franco Angeli

96-121 p.

  • This paper argues some aspects related to the continuity/discontinuity of the labour market trajectories with a view on the employment trends characterised by a raising number of temporary and short-term contracts and by a progressive fragmentation of career paths. To substantiate such considerations the study has taken into account the users involved in the survey "Users Profile and PES consumers satisfaction" carried out by ANPAL in 2017. It is about 40.000 people aged over 30 more representative than those who subscribed or renewed the Declaration of Immediate Readiness to work at the Job Centres in 2016.
  • Data from the Statistical Information System of Mandatory Communications have been attached to this population. Specifically, it has been verified the presence or absence of Communications related to the activation of a job engagement in the period 2012-2017. These analyses on the whole have allowed to trace the main characteristics of employment and transitions from an employment and non-employment state also inside different professional groups. The aim has been to disclose the variety of issues that training has to face combining personal growth expectations and regime objectives to fight exclusion and impoverishment of individuals and territories. [Publisher's text].

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Sociologia del lavoro : 156, 1, 2020