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E-book, Still Blundering Into Sense : Maria Edgeworth, Her Context, Her Legacy, Fantaccini, Fiorenzo, editor - Leproni, Raffaella, editor, Firenze University Press
Still Blundering Into Sense : Maria Edgeworth, Her Context, Her Legacy
2019 - Firenze University Press
ID: 4606735
ISBN: 9788864539713
  • Information

    297 p. : ill.

    • “Still Blundering into Sense”. Maria Edgeworth, her context, her legacy.This collection of international contributions, as well as celebrating Maria Edgeworth's 250th anniversary, proposes some further investigation on two fundamental aspects of her thought and legacy, still little examined in depth: her interest in the education of the young (and of the adults supposed to educate them) in an empirical perspective, explicitly scientific, open to different religious confessions and addressed to all social classes; and the urge for a wider and shared tolerance for alterity. The various essays in the collection offer some insight on the multi-layered relationships between the universe of education and its relationship with the development of knowledge, literature – particularly children's literature – and pedagogy, as well as between women's emancipation and the development of both individual and social identity.
    • Their common ground is a dialogic perspective aiming to connect areas of scholarship, which the academia generally classifies into separate research fields.Fiorenzo Fantaccini is Associate Professor of English Literature at the University of Florence. He is the author of W.B. Yeats e la cultura italiana (FUP, 2009), and of a number of essays on Irish, American and Canadian literature. He is the General Editor of «Studi irlandesi. A Journal of Irish Studies» (). Raffaella Leproni is Adjunct Professor of English Language and Translation at Roma Tre University. She has long dealt with Edgeworth's work and its reception in Italy; among her publications, Tra il dire e il fare. L'innovazione educativo-pedagogica dell'opera di Maria Edgeworth (FUP, 2015) and the translation of M. Edgeworth's Due racconti (2009) and Harrington (2012, 2015).[Publisher's text]
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