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Article, Il valore della natura ibrida nell'Antropocene, Franco Angeli
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Il valore della natura ibrida nell'Antropocene
2019 - Franco Angeli

25-38 p.

  • According to some authors, in the Anthropocene there is no longer wild nature. As a consequence, these writers claim, in the Anthropocene environmental ethics has no point. Other authors claim that in the Anthropocene wild nature is still present, even though it is rarer, and environmental ethics is more needed than ever. The paper defends two claims. First, in the Anthropocene wild nature still exists, but it is embedded in hybrid compounds of nature and artefacts. In the Anthropocene wild nature did not disappear, but it lost its purity or independence: it is inescapably hybrid. Second, Anthropocene's hybrid nature has intrinsic value and is to be protected. Therefore, environmental ethics has a point even in the Anthropocene. [Publisher's text].

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