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E-book, Time to exhibit : directing spatial design and new narrative pathways, Migliore, Ico., Franco Angeli
Time to exhibit : directing spatial design and new narrative pathways
2019 - Franco Angeli
ID: 4591964
ISBN: 9788891795632
  • Information

    197 p. : ill.

    • Includes bibliographical references (pages 193-197).
    • This book offers a key for reinterpreting interior design as a whole, in light of the narrative component of a kind of exhibition design that constantly addresses the measurement of time, which becomes the founding variable to be dealt with on the level of a project. Commenting on the evolution of exhibition design, the volume outlines its future sceneries, arising as an unicum from the perspective of the reflection on the role and the developments of this interior design branch. [Publisher's text].
    • Text in English and Italian.
    • I. Migliore teaches at the Politecnico of Milan.
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