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Book, Florence and islamic culture : an essential guide, All'insegna del giglio
Florence and islamic culture : an essential guide
2019 - Insegna del Giglio
ID: 4562181
ISBN: 9788878149106
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    49 p. : ill.

    • This guide book is based on an idea that had occurred to us during the planning of the international exhibition From Petra to Shawbak, Archaeology of a Frontier, which was held in the Limonaia of Palazzo Pitti in 2009. We decided to add the “Florentine citations” to the show, which were references to Islamic artifacts from the city collections, in some way related to the objects being displayed. We wanted to foster the discovery of the amazing number of instruments of military, economic and everyday life that had been manufactured by Islamic cultures in the Middle Ages and Renaissance and were now preserved in the museums of Florence. Those Florentine Oriental Tours, enriched by recent studies, contributions and experiences inspired this itinerary through art and history. [Publisher's text]
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