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Kant's Proud Name of Ontology Between Cassirer's Philosophy of Symbolic Forms and Heidegger's Being and Time

2015 - Bibliopolis

P. 63-86

  • Cassirer anticipates Heidegger's question of being in its unity and in its diversity.The connection between the unity and diversity of being is crucial to thepluralism that both Cassirer and Heidegger inherit from Kant. Cassirer anticipatesHeidegger's conception of dwelling as being-in-the-world and can effectivelyrebut Heidegger's charge that he and Kant work with a worldlessepistemic subject. Dwelling is key to the natural concept of the world, but notfor Cassirer key to understanding being itself. Pure being is manifest in the beingof the copula as an expression of what Kant calls pure apperception. Heideggertakes event to be that through which everything comes into its ownproper significance in our dwelling as being-in-the-world. The process bywhich Cassirer's seemingly much more abstract pure being as functional-sequentialunity institutes significance betrays their common origin in Kant's apperceptionof our world from within the world. [Publisher's text]

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Cassirer studies : VII/VIII, 2014/2015