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E-book, Comparative adult education and learning : authors and texts, Slowey, Maria, Firenze University Press
Comparative adult education and learning : authors and texts
2017 - Firenze University Press
ID: 4287982
ISBN: 9788864534220
  • Information

    x, 172 p.

    • Includes bibliographical references and index.
    • This volume explores the topics of adult learning and education through the specific lens of comparative research. The book is divided into four chapters comprising two parts: an analytic essay followed by an anthology of readings from a selection of key texts intended to illustrate different perspectives, theories and/or approaches from varying perspectives in different countries. The book represents the second of a series dedicated to adult learning and education and developed within the ESRALE European project. Its companion books are: Empirical Research Methodology in Adult Learning and Education. Authors and Texts and Researches in Adult Learning and Education: the European dimension.
    • Maria Slowey, PhD, is Director of Higher Education Research Centre at Dublin City University (Ireland). She studies research-led innovation in higher education, widening access, internationalisation and lifelong learning. Maria's research and policy interests draw on sociology, public policy and education to address issues of higher education, patterns of participation in higher education, equality of opportunity and widening access to lifelong learning opportunities, comparative tertiary education policy, the participation of adults in education and training, and the role of the university in the community. She has written extensively on these issues and has acted as a consultant to a range of bodies internationally. [Publisher's Text]
    • Collected essays.