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E-book, On Reading If This is a Man, Cavaglion, Alberto, CPL editions
ID: 4221748
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On Reading If This is a Man
2015 - CPL - Centro Primo Levi

28 p.

  • In 2012 Einaudi and Centro Internazionale Studi Primo Levi in Turin published a new annotated version of Primo Levi's If This is a Man, by Alberto Cavaglion.
  • This book includes Cavaglion's preface to the annotated edition of Levi's classic text, offering new insights, the broader context, and a wealth of detailed information to give readers a deeper understanding of Levi's text."My humble commentary on If This is a Man aims above all to dig into the rich literary mine from which many of its words and expressions come. To give just one example of this mine's material diversity, one of its ores, Dante, lies beside one of its gems, Baudelaire. The commentary also explores the relationship between what Levi called its 'grammatical derivations' (for example, the frequent use of oxymorons and repeated conjectures, the many hypothetical passages) and a worldview 'opposed to everything infinite,' fascinated but at the same time suspicious of two extremes - both the demons and degenerates and the saints and martyrs." - Alberto Cavaglion [Publisher's text]
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