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E-book, Italy from reconstruction to decline 1943-2016 : the roots of the Italian crisis, Mammarella, Giuseppe, Cadmo
ID: 4142018
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Italy from reconstruction to decline 1943-2016 : the roots of the Italian crisis
2017 - Cadmo

194 pages

  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 179-183).
  • Italy is still a seriously ill nation, woken by occasional outbursts of vitality, but unable to recover and accept the challenge of modernization and the sacrifices of a "renaissance". The Italian crisis is demonstrated dramatically in terms of the country's public debt, currently 133% of GDP, and even ore so by the political instability making it very difficult to face the challenge of a possible disintegration. This book tries to get to the origin of the Italian crisis which, according to the author, is found primarily in the weakness of the political and institutional systems, suffering from an endemic instability (67 governments in 72 years) with the subsequent impossibility of planning and implementing government programs.
  • Only profound and courageous reforms could save Italy from political and financial bankruptcy. The European Union, of which Italy is a founding member, follows the Italian crisis with increasing concern but also anticipation for change, well aware that Italy's fall would not be without serious consequences for the whole Union. [Publisher's Text]
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