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Book, Flora de Guinea Ecuatorial : claves de plantas vasculares de Annobón, Bioko y Río Muni : vol. XI : Bromelianae-Juncanae, Aedo Pérez, Carlos., CSIC, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
Flora de Guinea Ecuatorial : claves de plantas vasculares de Annobón, Bioko y Río Muni : vol. XI : Bromelianae-Juncanae
2014 - Editorial CSIC
ID: 3000664
ISBN: 9788400098254
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  • 11. : Bromelianae - Juncanae. - 2014. - 416 p. : ill.
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    The aim of the present work is to facilitate the identification of native or naturalised vascular plants from Equatorial Guinea. The balance between the status of floristic knowledge of a country such as Equatorial Guinea and the need for undertaking a flora which might serve as a useful tool, made us consider as part of the aim of the work that in the keys we should include all the species whose presence has been recorded in the neighbouring countries: Cameroon, Gabon or São Tomé and Príncipe, as these might appear within the area under study. However, this criterion is not easily applied to the Leguminosae as this would mean that some genera would include many species of improbable presence in Equatorial Guinea due to their habitat or area of distribution. We have therefore included in the keys the following species from the neighbouring countries. This volume comprises 232 taxa of Guinean plants, and for each of them, accepted name, synonyms, type, habitat, distribution, high quality scan and a sketch map are included. Specially diverse are Cyperaceae, third most abundant whitin the monocots. Some species are of high economic interest. [Publisher's Text]

    416 p. : ill.

    • Includes bibliographical references.
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