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Book, Swedish Crime Fiction : the Making of Nordic Noir, Bergman, Kerstin, Mimesis
Swedish Crime Fiction : the Making of Nordic Noir
2014 - Mimesis Edizioni
ID: 2987810
ISBN: 9788857519838
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    Why have authors from the safe, social welfare state Sweden captivated the minds of the crime fiction readers across the globe? Kerstin Bergman suggests that killer marketing and a widespread curiosity about the “exotic” Nordic welfare states, their waste landscapes and alleged gender equality, has propelled these authors and novels into the international spotlight. Bergman uses this innovative angle to retell the recent history of crime fiction in Sweden, exploring central themes and selecting key authors that have garnered national and international acclaim for their lethal plots. Swedish Crime Fiction: The Making of Nordic Noir contextualizes the explosive recent history of the genre, offering newcomers and aficionados insights into the minds of protagonists and their literary creators. This is the first research-based and exhaustive presentation of Swedish crime fiction and its Nordic “neighbours” to an international audience. [Publisher's Text]

    191 p.

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