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E-book, Shri Hairakhandi Sapta Shati, Misra, Vishnu Datt, J. Amba Edizioni
Shri Hairakhandi Sapta Shati
2007 - J. Amba Edizioni
ID: 2478181
ISBN: 9788886340458
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    ´╗┐Every word of this great prayer is a divine mantra. Reading and reciting it cures incurable diseases, rids the mind of worries and solves all problems, while the aspirant on the spiritual path attains the divine perfection he desires: prosperity in life, worldly happiness and spiritual peace. (Hairakhan Babaji). The transliteration in Roman alphabet has been published to allow Western readers to learn their sound, because, as Shri Babaji stresses, by the mere listening to these mantras liberation is gained. [Publisher's text]

    P. 10-149

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