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Book, Ecological design for an effective urban regeneration, Babalis, Dimitra, Firenze University Press
Ecological design for an effective urban regeneration
2004 - Firenze University Press
ID: 2251128
ISBN: 8884531462
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    It is clear that the patterns of space and movement in a contemporary city are dif-ferent from those that had shaped the older city. The perceptual contradiction between old and modern city has been the reason of the recent urban and social conflicts. Furthermore, from a space viewpoint, the conventional framework for the design of cities had radically altered the quality, the variety, the dimensions, the aesthetic of urban environment that is necessary to be revisited. Traditional priorities and standards of considerable inner and outer urban areas must be changed in favour of more unconventional approaches. It is then essential to introduce new ways of planning and designing the cities that have to consider a holistic approach, which focuses on many ecological and social issues and to a more careful protection of the environments. This mainly means a sustainable design process in which one must try to better define the "right way of doing" rather than following a dogmatic one. In recent years, there is an expanding of attention to ecological matters regarding urban regeneration and development, planning and conservation processes by developing a range of appropriate key considerations aimed to a better quality of urban environments. It is now further considerable the aim at a comprehensive range of design issues for community strategies, local development frameworks and actions plans that can enhance quality of life. An introductory basis on ecological ways of planning and design was discussed in the preceding volume Bioclimatic Design & Urban Regeneration for Sustainable Development. This new volume explore deeper the conceptions on sustainable city and the attention that has to be paid by a responsive design process to urban regeneration and development. The continually evolving task of ecological view of towns and cities, which was drown by the authors' experience in researching and teaching, adopted key means of addressing interdisciplinary concerns. Furthermore, this book came from the valuable teaching experiences of the author team at the University of Florence on an innovative Intensive Programme/Workshop within Socrates/Erasmus Programme. The Intensive Programme on Biocli-matic Design, which took place on June 2003 provided valid principles and inter-disciplinary concepts on this complex subject. [Publisher's Text]

    143 p. : ill.

    • Includes bibliographical references.
    • Papers resulting from the seminar, Florence, 2003.
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