The Lutterworth Press

div>The Lutterworth Press is one of the longest-standing independently owned and run publishing houses in Britain. Over the course of more than two centuries, we have developed an impressive and ...
Originally founded as the Religious Tract Society in 1799, we specialised in the areas of religion and edifying children’s literature. As the Society’s list expanded to include an increasing range of titles, the decision was made to begin a new imprint called Lutterworth Press. The name had no explicit religious connotations, but the connection with John Wycliffe, who had been Rector in the eponymous Leicestershire town in the fourteenth century, was one that evangelicals would recognise instantly. The imprint went on to publish some of the most recognisable names in twentieth-century culture, including Sir David Attenborough, Sir Patrick Moore, and Enid Blyton.
The Lutterworth Press was bought by theological publishers James Clarke & Co in 1984, and continues to produce an expansive list of nonfiction and religious work of cultural importance. Our books continue to broadly reflect the Christian values on which the imprint was established, as well as a pioneering global outlook which was characteristic of the Society since its inception.