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Pacini Editore


Pacini Editore Srl is a renowed Italian publisher, established since 1872. The company's philosophy and mission is to promote the diffusion of culture and ideas, through a huge production of essays... More

  • Pacini Editore, with its own publishing catalogue;
  • Pacini Editore Medicina, with its own publishing catalogue and partnerships with the most important Italian scientific societies for the training of general practitioners and specialists;
  • Pacini Printing Industries, a factory of 15,000 square meters for the printing and binding of editorial and commercial products (flyers, posters, catalogs, brochures, posters, etc.) and packaging;
Pacini Editore has an efficient network of editorial promotion through which domestic and international market can be covered. An efficient press office promotes volumes on websites, newspapers, weekly magazines at a regional and national level. Pacini Editore takes part every year at the most important trade fairs promoting cultural events. Through a weekly newsletter Pacini Editore displays its new products in a directory of over 4000 qualified readers and a network of 500 libraries throughout the country. Facebook profile and Twitter profiles and accounts are also updated daily. An efficiente e-commerce service allows customers to order volumes directly on a website, and receive them within a couple of days.
Pacini Editore Srl, Via della Gherardesca, 1 - 56121 Pisa (Italy)
Facebook: Pacini Editore
Twitter: @pacinieditore

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