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Fondazione Craxi


Bettino Craxi's Foundation is a... More

Bettino Craxi's Foundation is a "Third Sector Association" (non-profit) established in 2000. It carries out cultural activities in national and international field, mostly in historical, political, social and economical sciences, through conferences, seminars, workshops, publications and presentations. The Foundation is devoted in particular to the promotion of young students and professionals talents and to this end provides scholarships and research grants to promote, among others, research activities, popular science events and trainings. The Institute takes a leading role collecting, valuing and promoting Italian and international history of socialism archival sources, as well as 20th century's liberal reformist trend with a special focus on the Italian Risorgimento. It owns various archival documents, largely digitalized, available on line and at its headquarters for free. Bettino Craxi's Foundation also owns an extensive library (part of the Italian National Library System), a photo library and an significant artistic heritage, including Bettino Craxi's "Garibaldi's collection" and several Rinscimento's heirloom. The Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage recognized the foundation heritage to be "of notable historical interest" and "of outstanding cultural and artistic interest" available to everyone. Since November 2017, Bettino Craxi's Foundation publishes the quarterly magazine Le Sfide - Non c'è futuro senza memoria, composed by two book series. The first is "Pagine di storia della libertà", with historical and scientific nature; the second is "Idee&Ricerche", with a social-economical nature.

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